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The Mac Callaghan : british with passion !

Like the snack bars the MAC CALLAGHAN is the place where we serve fast and deliciously english meals.

Have a snack in Dijon !

The bar pub offers snacking service with plates and fries to eat alone or to share, and Traditional Fish & Chips ! A nice list of burgers and salads served on the terrace (not supplied solarcream !!) will satisfy the most ferocious stomachs...


Easy, fast and friendly, snacking is an opportunity to eat a snack at any time of the day.


Find Mac Callaghan :


8 Rue Bannelier – Place du Marché - 21000 DIJON
Tel. : 03 80 30 82 46


PUB Mac Callaghan - Siren : 533 461 844 - 8, Rue Bannelier - place du marché - 21000 DIJON - Tel. : +33(0)3 80 30 82 46

Come flirt with trendy spirit of the Pub Bar Snacking Mac Callaghan located in the city center of Dijon (21 - Côte d'Or). Beer, parties, brunches, concerts ... a cheerful cocktail to make you ready to enjoy a pleasant moment in a friendly bar.